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1.I knew a girl in my class very well and asked for her OICQ, which she gave to me with pleasure. Since then we chatted in internet and had a good time. But the embarrassing moment came—I was happy in internet chat room, but sad in class, because I failed in several subjects. Love or study? I had to make a hard choice. I told her that I would love her again once I got a chance to study in the university. This makes her and me more embarrassed than ever. But what else could I do?
韩峰 湖北省襄樊市襄樊中原路校区2001级英语系
2.The most embarrassing moment happened when I went to buy some stationery with a girl who was my classmate. On the way we came across a little girl selling roses who said, ′Please buy a rose for your girl friend.′ At this my classmate blushed as red as a rose and she walked away without accompanying me to get my stationery. I didn't know what to say.
吴崇理 武汉市武汉理工大附中高三(1)班
3.When I was 5 years old I, because of urgent necessity, ran into ′Ladies' room′ and got hit out, and was laughed at by everyone. You can imagine how embarrassed I was, and am!
韩昱 山西省忻州市长征办卢野村团结西街南十五巷2 号
4.I'm a girl, a little cool girl. I'm proud of others calling me ′Little Cutie′. One day I had so good a time in a park that I felt tired out and took a bus home. Luckily I got a seat and enjoyed myself half-asleep. Then I saw a little girl standing by me, but I was reluctant to give her the seat, so I asked her to sit together with me. She agreed and said: ′Thank you, aunty.′ What? Am I so old as to be called ′aunty′? I was more embarrassed than angry.
谢敏慧(Brainy Sheer) 湖北省武汉市华师一附中高一(13)班
5.When I was 13 years old, I was crazy about Martina Hingis—a famous tennis player. One day I happened to see a book about her at 20 Yuan a copy. I wanted to get it, but I took no money with me. I had some coins at home, all five-cent coins, four hundred in all. I paid the boss 400 coins when all people in the shop were looking at me strangely and laughing at me. How embarrassing!
钟英洁 重庆市北碚区朝阳中学高一(7)班 ()
6.In my opinion, my mother is a pretty and kind-hearted woman. She likes her job very much and works hard. But recently she likes gambling so much that she does not work as hard as before. And she always feels tired. Time and again I advise her not to gamble, and she keeps saying ′I won't′ but continues gambling. My classmates call me ′Gambling Princess′. I am so embarrassed. Oh, my God! What should I do?
Elna Wang 浙江省绍兴市越秀中学高二(3)班 ()
7.My brother and I both study far away from my hometown, and my parents are neither too rich nor too poor. For some time, I was enamored of surfing in the Internet, so I wasted plenty of time and money on that. Before that I had always got the first place in my class, but during that period I didn't. And I was also terribly ill. I had to phone my family and lied, ′I have lost my wallet and have no money to see a doctor.′ What was more embarrassing was that I had to say ′Please believe your daughter, she is the winner of her class forever.′ Now I stop playing to study hard, and I am the winner again.
陈燕璇 潮州师范005班()
8.I love English and I am an English fan. I love speaking English everywhere. One day when I was walking down the street, I saw a girl who sold toys reading E.S. I was so surprised that I couldn't help walking towards her and talking to her. Though I found her English pronunciation was not quite OK, I praised her, ′Your English is so good! You must have practised a lot.′ To my greater surprise, she read louder and made more uncomfortable, unbearable noise because she was encouraged. It was I who did feel embarrassed!
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